It is the objective of Control Concepts to be the industry leader in accident prevention and to take a proactive, progressive role in training our employees and protecting the environment. Safety and health of our employees and protection of the environment, customers, contractors and the public is fundamental to the manner in which Control Concepts conducts its business. In order to integrate successful environmental, safety and health management into our business activities and services, Control Concepts & Technology is committed to the following:

Consideration of safety excellence in the design, construction, testing, assembly, operation and restoration of all projects, properties and facilities;

Provide a safe and healthful working environment for all employees in an effort to reduce work related physical injury and illness;

Communicate openly regarding business activities; Provide clear environmental, safety and health responsibilities to all employees;

Assess and Address the potential risks and hazards of all business activities;

Compliance with all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements;

Participation in the development of new legislation, regulations and technologies;

Review performance and communicate progress;

Provide resources necessary for the implementation, control and continual improvement of our safety, health and environmental performance.

Control Concepts & Technology are members of, compliant with, and regulated by, the following:

  • ISNetworld
  • NCMS Compliant
  • PEC Compliant
  • SEMS Compliant
  • DISA Regulated
  • OSHA

Control Concepts & Technology has a continuing education and training program for their employees:

  • SafeGulf
  • Water Survival (Huet)
  • TWIC
  • T2 Certification
  • Sub Part O
  • Fall Protection
  • Rigging
  • Medic 1st Aid
  • H2S
  • Fire Fighting

QA (Quality Assurance)

Control Concepts has a comprehensive quality control and assurance process administered by highly qualified personnel. We are committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations by focusing on quality, safety, efficiency and attention to prompt and professional customer service. To attain these objectives, Control Concepts strives to maintain contact with customers, meet customer delivery requirements, implement safer and more efficient work practices, and review project schedules and budgets.